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Period of the event:
14th-17th May 2020

Kulturforum Kiel
Pumpe Kiel

Frequenz is devised as an annual festival, taking place over the course of one weekend in May each year - for the first time in 2020 in Kiel. The programme of the festival is dedicated to contemporary developments of interdiciplinary art productions, The concept focusses on a family friendly format which differs from usual contemporary music festivals particularly through activities and events addressing children and young people.

For this, in our programme we would like to put a focus on the works of a young generation of composers who over the past ten years have successfully emphasised new aesthetical as well as thematical aspects and whose works are characterised by a turn towards the political and social concerns of the individual. An increasing integration of digital media into the traditional orchestral sound can be observed as well as a deliberate recourse to elements of popular culture. Moreover, the festival focusses a big part of its programme on cooperations with Scandinavian countries.


New creations by Julia Mihely, Hannes Seidl, Alexander Schubert and Benjamin Mihály are planned as well as a cooperation with the Slagwerk Den haag, Alexandra Hallén, Ensemble Cikada and much more.

The complete program of "Frequency 2020 - Music Today" will be announced in January 2020.

Frequenz 2021 - Music Today

For ideas and suggestions for the Festival 2021, please submit your Proposal by March 2020. Selected collaborations will be announced in June 2020. In addition to the expected highest quality and professional level, please note that the Frequenz Festival only accepts productions and concepts that meet our goals. The Festival presents solely creations in the field of Sociocomposing as well as interactive and interdisciplinary productions, innovative projects with children and Jung people and mediate contemporary music in the foreground. The topics should deal with the challenges of our time, such as digitization, identity, climate change, etc. In addition, regional topics and cooperation with local partners are very welcome. Conventional new music programs have little chance, as the festival has completely different approaches and is not comparable to the broad masses of contemporary music festivals. Please note that Frequenz can not offer full financing and it is beneficial if several partners are involved as co - production partner. For this we need a written commitment from the partners. All suggestions please send to buero(at)frequenz-kiel.de

We look forward to your ideas and proposals. The deadline for proposals for the 2021 festival ends on 1.3.2020


Address and contact:
Frequenz - Kiel e.V. c/o Musiculum
Stephan-Heinzel-Straße 9
24103 Kiel


Bank details:
IBAN: DE48 2105 0170 10 03 467303

Association Registration number:
VR 6910 KI

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The Festival is organized by a team of experienced musicians and musicologists from Kiel. They stand out especially through the wide range of fields of contemporary music that they cover. In addition to expert knowledge about regional composers of the last century they also cover other areas of contemporary music, like musical theatre, film music, Jazz, and especially the newest developments of contemporary music in Europe and beyond. The planning and developing of the programme will take place in close cooperation with composers, sound artists, curators and marketing experts of the new musical scene.

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Our board:
Tarek Krohn (1. Vorsitzender)
Dr.Sabine Kubisch (2. Vorsitzende)
Philipp Broda (Schatzmeister)
Anning Lohse (Schriftführer)
Sherif El Razzaz (Geschäftsführer)


Frequenz EDU is an innovative format, involving an abundance of creative projects developed by leading German composers of the new generation addressing children, young people and the lay public interested in music. This target group will participate substantially in creative developing processes and will be involved in all stages of the productions until the performance.



The Musiculum is a learning and experimental workshop in Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein) of the Children and Youth Foundation Jovita and since 2009 offers music education projects for children and young people on a donation basis. The concept of the musiculum is "understanding instruments and acoustics with all senses" and thus pursues the conscious physical and mental experience of music through an independent and immediate exploration of musical instruments and musical exhibits.


The pump is a heritage-protected cultural and communication center in Kiel. The pump is dedicated to promoting young talent, especially in the areas of film and music. Thus, the pump is one of the few places in Kiel where young bands, young musicians and young DJs can regularly perform their music and present it to a larger audience under professional conditions.

Kieler Kloster

Furthermore, there is a cooperation with the Kiel monastery. The Kiel Carillon was built in 1999. In the center of Kiel, little attention was paid to the dormant tower of the monastery church, which was completely destroyed in the war, a medieval foundation founded by the town's founder in the mid-13th century. The instrument consists of 50 bronze bells in the sequence from g1-a1 to a5. The game table is located on the floor below the belfry. There is also a computer-controlled carillon control system Caritron 2000-1, which enables automatic play.

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Address und contact:
Frequenz - Kiel e.V. c/o Musiculum
Stephan-Heinzel-Straße 9
24103 Kiel

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